Who Is Jezebel?: Identifying False Prophets

The Sunday Morning Special!


Who Is Jezebel?:

Identifying False Prophets

What does it mean when people talk about the “spirit of Jezebel”? How is the term “Jezebel” commonly misused in the church today? What do people who specialize in identifying the “spirit of Jezebel” (and other evil spirits) often have in common with her? And how can you be sure that you are not counted as one of Jezebel’s children when Jesus judges the Church?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to show you how to discern where Jezebel is at work today — and to identify her children, the false prophets.


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2 Responses to “Who Is Jezebel?: Identifying False Prophets”

  1. hello sister…blessings today…how is you new bundle of joy…I am back in Ukraine…trying to help on street…..trying to help women on street…that live on street….sasha..the first lady…I tried to help doing so well….with out addition now.and in shelter……….I wish you and gary were with me….I work one day…rest the next day….pls say to gary…..my friend and brother……monica I wish I was 10 years younger to do this ministry.blessings johnny..



    • Hi John, I’m just getting around to responding to comments on here since Ace was born. Thanks for sharing what’s going on with your ministry there in the Ukraine. We will be praying for your mission, these women. Please write me with a full update! Blessings, ~Monica


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