The Trump Trap & Lying Prophets: God Has Set A Snare

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The Trump Trap & Lying Prophets: God Has Set A Snare

Is God setting a trap for America in this election? If so, what will he use as bait? In a “land of a thousand prophets’, why are most predicting prosperity for America instead of judgment? And how does this relate to end-times prophecy?

Join Monica Dennington as she takes you straight to God’s Word in this election year to find out how you can avoid being deceived— and the surprising place the deception is coming from.



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2 Responses to “The Trump Trap & Lying Prophets: God Has Set A Snare”

  1. I found this message very enlightening, I do find myself drawn to politics. I do say to myself and think I put God ahead of this but do you think spending too much time on it could be a form of idolatry? I ask because my pastor has pretty much said what you have said as it relates to not putting trust in men but in God. Not disrespecting people for the sake of a politics.


  2. I don’t think trump is a christian by the way he acts


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