Election Hangover? You need God’s Word— Everything you missed in one place



Hey friends, it’s Monica!

Have an election hangover? Feel like you need some fresh air? As the dust settles, it’s a great time to go to God’s Word for some perspective. We can help!

  • We’ve uploaded 5 new teaching videos this month— all straight from Scripture. What better way to align yourself with the politics of the NEW kingdom?
  • We continue to deliver The Sunday Morning Special to you each Sunday. Did you miss one? No sweat— just scroll down.

stills_introducing-ace-dennington_img28With the birth of our son on October 1st, and the distribution of the videos from our live prophecy marathon, “Land of a Thousand Prophets”, it’s been a busy month. *

Though we continue to provide new teaching, I’m taking a maternity leave from our live Sunday Morning Service and our Thursday night broadcasts. This has resulted in a lag in donations. We are short of meeting our monthly expenses, so I need your help right now.
If you love this ministry, please see us through the next few weeks by making a one-time or regular donation.
Remember— we’re counting on you! Donate today to reach someone new with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks for your generosity!
 * *

Grunge Stempel rot RECOMMENDED

Everything You Missed

 *Here you go— everything you missed in one place!


New Videos



Sunday Morning Specials

To see the Sunday Morning Specials, click the picture.


The Sunday Morning Service

To see all of the Sunday Morning Services, click the picture.


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