A Change Of Mind: A New Way Of Thinking

The Sunday Morning Special!


A Change Of Mind: A New Way Of Thinking

How are your patterns of thought related to who you are? What are the consequences of spending your time thinking about the wrong things? And how can thinking about the right things bring about a transformation in your character?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to find out what God wants you to think about, and how this new way of thinking will bring about the change you’re looking for — a change from the inside — in 2017.

This is Part 3 of 6 of the series “A New Leaf: How To Change Your Life”



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One Response to “A Change Of Mind: A New Way Of Thinking”

  1. Thank You Again, My True Sister In Christ, As I Truly Can Relate There Of, And That’s From Going Thru Decades Of Test And Trails, Of Being Of What Our GOD Would Have Us To Be. And Needed That Insight & Reminder Of That Knowledge From Our True GOD, Of What We Go Thru As True Believers, Tho It’s Just A Part Of What Jesus Went Thru For Us. And i Needed To Hear That From A True Sister Like You Are, To Help Keep Me On Track For The Finished Race, Like Paul, And All For The True Glory Of Our GOD, So GOD Bless You And Keep Encouraging Us In The Body Of Christ, And Bless You, For Being A True Light To Those That Are Lost Out There, As You Let Jesus Shine In You.


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