What About The Ugly Ones?

A Discernment Video



What About The Ugly Ones?

Hey #SBCPC17 brothers. It’s your old friend Monica Dennington…and have I got a video for you.

And I do mean you— Jose Abella, Michael Allen, Jamar Andrews, Bart Barber, David Choi, Chris Davis, Shane Hall, Jimmy Meek, John Onwuchekwa, Spencer Plumlee, Ryan Rice Sr., Nathan Rose, yes, Dave Miller…and definitely Adam Blosser.


If you want to be SURE you’re really sticking to the text, this is a must-see.


A big thank you to Adam Blosser for the providing the perfect specimen for our dissection in his post, “Just Preach the Word”—his courageously culturally offensive Mother’s Day message on Biblical womanhood.
Just the naked text of the Bible, and a pink-haired woman with nothing to lose. What could possibly go wrong?
Due to technical issues the prayer for the speakers was truncated, so I would like to pray for the remaining pastors here.
Father in heaven, we thank you for your powerful Word. I ask for your blessing on Spencer Plumlee, let his tongue be purified of every word but yours, and let that word cut to the heart and move people to action. I pray for Ryan Rice Sr., that you would let the glory of your Word convict his heart and ours as he speaks, and bring necessary change. And Lord, I pray that your Spirit of wisdom would rest upon Nathan Rose. As he opens his mouth to speak, let that Spirit move through your perfect, ancient words and inspire your people to fulfill your purpose today.
Thank you for all of my sons and brothers in Christ, Lord God, and may your name be truly glorified at the SBC Pastor’s Conference this year. Amen.



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