Truth And Consequences: Choosing An Antichrist Kingdom / The Sunday Morning Service: April 15, 2018


The Sunday Morning Service


The Sunday Morning Special!


Truth And Consequences: Choosing An Antichrist Kingdom


Does freedom of choice mean that we can choose to rule ourselves? Will God allow us to set up our own kingdom instead of submitting to Jesus as our King? What are the surprising faces of the spirit of antichrist? And what is the consequence for the one who attempts to refuse to bow their knee to God’s chosen King?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to God’s Word to find out what it means to choose an anti-christ kingdom—and what consequences that choice will bring.


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One Response to “Truth And Consequences: Choosing An Antichrist Kingdom / The Sunday Morning Service: April 15, 2018”

  1. I listened carefully as I watched. I find no fault. I hear that you are very Jesus based. Including that you believe “If you love me obey my commands.” And “He who has my commands and does not obey them is also the one who does not love me.” Did you ever notice Matthew 28:20 “Teaching them to obey all things whatsoever I commanded you.” That would be every single “red letter” word of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Of course the modern apostate church does not obey this. King Jesus commanded that his own commands are to be taught to the church. But the great Anti-Christ who taught his followers to DISOBEY AND NOT TO OBEY Jesus Christ is who they listen to. This great Anti-Christ lured the entire church world away from Jesus Christ so they will not believe or obey him. The great Anti-Christ is the Apostle Paul who is more correctly called Saul the Pharisee. Romans through Hebrews cannot be God’s Word because they teach people to disobey Jesus Christ and his “red letter” words. If you are still listening to this, I wrote a book showing the differences between what Paul and Jesus taught. It is WAY INCOMPLETE as my eyes have been opened to so much more since writing it. It is free to read at Blessings to you.


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