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A Song: “No Fear”

This week’s featured song (and free download for the next 7 days) is “No Fear”. So listen to it, download, & share it!

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A Song: “Bye, Bye”

Monica’s song “Bye, Bye” is this week’s free MP3 download. Here is the link!

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A Song: “Cover”

A song for today – for my friends who love Jesus!

( and this week’s free MP3 download )

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A Song: “Not Gonna Do It That Way”

A song to kick-off the morning – for my country friends! (And a free download also!)

I don’t know what happened. I guess I must have chewed on a piece of straw or something.

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No Fear

No the angels can’t come between us
No the demons can’t come between us
No, the weakness can’t come between
Our Love

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