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Progress Report: Annual Offering

Dear Friend, . ‘Tis the season to celebrate Jesus’ birth! So what do you get the King for Christmas? Souls! . I want to invite you to celebrate Christ’s birth by making a special donation for our Annual Christmas Offering! This event runs from Dec.1- January 3, and it’s our main fundraiser for the year. If […]

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“Should Women Be Allowed”: The Wrong Question

Today, Southern Baptist pastors Dwight McKissic and Tom Ascol will debate the question: “Should women be allowed to preach in our Lord’s day worship services?” Not only is this question a non-starter because it implies an unbiblical, unhealthy authority of men over women; it’s a non-starter because it’s the wrong question to begin with. The […]

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The John MacArthur Exception

John MacArthur, among other things, is known for his stand against so-called “prosperity preachers”, their exploitation of the Church for money, and their evil excess.

Reality check: For 2010 and 2011, MacArthur fell well within the top .02% of the world’s wealthiest people by income.

So what makes Mr. MacArthur different from the rich prosperity preachers he criticizes?

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