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The Sunday Morning Special! “How To Spot A Wolf!”

When Satan comes to us in the church masquerading as an angel of light, and as the Bible tells us that Satan’s servants come pretending to be brothers and ministers of God, how are we to identify these people? And when we do, how does God command us to deal with them?

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Springs In The Desert: Be Part Of The Prophecy

Originally posted on Monica Dennington:
(Click here to watch this video!) Something special is happening out here in the desert – God is making a way for streams in the wasteland! It’s our dream to literally reach the World with the Gospel by building a studio in Phoenix in 2014. WIll you band together with…

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Join Monica LIVE now for Prophecy and Spiritual Warfare

Join Monica LIVE NOW  for Prophecy And Spiritual Warfare. In this week’s message, “Wake Up In Chains, Walk Out Free: Why You Need Faith For Revival,” Monica addresses the questions: Do you have to be free from sin to have revival? Why does it take so much faith to simply “wake up”? Why was it easier for Eve to believe Satan than […]

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