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Youtube Announces Christian Censorship, Flags Prayer Videos

As prophesied, the darkness is coming, and this week the world got a few shades darker.

Youtube just announced a new plan to deal with content creators that do not violate their policy but make videos that are deemed “controversial religious content”.

Youtube will make sure that they don’t get paid and that their videos don’t get views.

Monica reveals that Youtube has already been doing some of this over the past year, what this means prophetically for the church— and what Jesus tells you to do about it right now.

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The Darkness Is Rising: Preparing For Change

As the darkness rises in these end-times, do you feel you’re prepared to hear God’s voice? Have you been convinced that your shepherd has forgotten you? Does God’s plan include you – even if you’ve stumbled in your relationship with Him? And what steps can you take to prepare your heart to hear His voice this week?

Join Monica Dennington as she takes you straight to the Bible to help you make forward progress in your relationship with God.

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