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Pastors in Drag, Russell Moore, & Biblical Manhood: The Fruit Test

This is a key for discernment. Words reveal the contents of the heart.

So, Discernment 101: men who say that they’re trying to recover their manhood are not the authority on where to find yours.

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Woman Is The New N-Word: The Violent Face Of Complementarianism

What is the cause of the growing rift between men and women in the church? Is complementarianism simply a theological position…or a euphemism for misogyny? How do complementarians go outside of their own congregations and denominations to try to silence any woman they see preaching the gospel? And how violent does this persecution get?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to find out how “woman” has become the new N-word in the church…and what God expects you to do about it.

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