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Day 20: Forgiveness And Restitution: Healing The Wounds In Your Family

Why is it so important to make restitution for the wrongs in your family relationships? Is it enough to simply say “I’m sorry”, or does Jesus require more of you? When a family member wrongs you, why is it so necessary to forgive them from your heart? And what are the ramifications if we refuse to do so?

Join Monica Dennington as she takes you straight to the Bible to find out what your family obligations are, and how you can bring God’s healing power to your family today.

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Tic Toc Live! (3/11/10) with Monica Dennington

Host Monica Dennington responds to letters and prayer requests from viewers, taking up spiritual battle on behalf of the saints and God’s Kingdom. In this week’s TicTocLive!: 1) Letter – A viewer has a question about Monica’s opinion about a certain Bible teacher / teaching series. 2) Letter – A viewer has a question about […]

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The Great Rescue: The Gospel Of Jesus Christ (Part 2)

How do we start a relationship with God? How can God cleanse us of our guilt? And once we’ve asked for forgiveness, is there anything else that is required for us to be saved?

Join Monica as she looks at the divine map of salvation – The Exodus – in scripture, to find out exactly where the redeeming Blood of Jesus comes into our great adventure – the salvation of our souls.

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Once Saved, Always Saved ? … The Final Word

View Directly From YouTube Can your salvation be lost ? How can you be confident about your eternal future ? Should you be concerned ? How much is required of you ? How will Jesus judge you ? There are many Christians that debate the subject of “Once Saved, Always Saved” and “The Security Of […]

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