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A Time To Weep: The Problem With Laughing Prophets

Why did Jesus curse people who choose to “laugh now”? Is “holy laughter” a mark of the Spirit that’s found in Scripture? Why should you be wary of prophets who laugh now, eat well now, and store up treasures now? And what about prophets who rejoice in seeing the church or the world being judged?

Join Monica Dennington as she takes you straight to Jesus’ prophecies in the Bible to find out why there’s a time for everything, and what time it is right now.

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The Great Awakening: The End-Times Outpouring Of The Holy Spirit

What is the end-times outpouring of the Holy Spirit? Is that the same thing as the revival of the church which we are expecting before Jesus returns? How can we tell when that outpouring has begun, and how can we be sure not to miss it?

Join Monica Dennington in Session 2 as she goes straight to the Word of God for the answers.

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The End-Times Outpouring Of Antichrist

Description: Can we identify where the Holy Spirit is working by looking at where the miracles are “coming down”? When we hear that God is moving in Toronto, Florida, Kansas City, or other places, should we run to see it? When we see a “prophet” doing miracles, should we not flock to get one for […]

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