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A Ministry Idea: How To Share God’s Word!

Here is a simple idea that anyone can use to tell the world about Jesus! So share this with your Home Bible Group (or with your family) and work together to start planting God’s Word in your community!

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The Sunday Morning Special!: Does God Want Me To Fear Him?

What does the Bible tells us about fearing God? Is God a loving God ? Or is God to be feared. What did Jesus have to say about fearing God ?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to discover what God’s Word reveals to us about fearing God.

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Day 26: New Wineskins: How To Have Church at Your House

What are the advantages of the Acts Church model? What impact does the small-group dynamic have on discipleship? Why does the “traditional” church model so often fail to address the needs of the destitute, the hurting, and those of new believers? And why is the Biblical model of Church fellowship able to succeed where traditional church models fail?

Join Monica Dennington and Denny Sheafer as they go straight to the Bible to show you “How To Have Church At Your House”.

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Day 10: Casting Your Net On The Other Side: Fishing Tips From Jesus

What is the key to becoming successful “fishers of men”? Why is it so difficult to find people who are willing to do what Jesus requires in order to be His disciple? And what “fishing tip” from Jesus will turn our empty nets into overflowing ones?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to Jesus’ words to find out the key to making disciples—following Jesus’ directions, and casting our nets on the other side.

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