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Ready For Action: Testing The Spirits

Welcome to Monica’s new teaching series, “Identifying Evil Spirits”.

What’s the purpose of spiritual discernment? How does the Bible teach you to put discernment into action? And where can you find the distinguishing markers that will unmask Satan when he comes masquerading as an angel of light?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to find out how you can be ready for action when it’s time to test the spirits.

This is from the July 25, 2013 TicTocLive broadcast of “Ready For Action: Testing The Spirits”.

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Day 27: Small House Church Spreads The Gospel To Thousands: The Story Of Crosswind Comics

Welcome to The Dallas Morning Show, where we are continuing with “How To Have A House Church” week! Join us this morning as special guest Denny Sheafer of Olathe House Church returns to talk about Crosswind Comics, a ministry started by this small group of believers which has impacted thousands with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Can God really use a small home church to make a God-sized impact on the world? Can you really have an effective ministry on a tiny budget? What does it look like when God calls a home Bible fellowship into ministry? And why is the home church model so well-suited to moving with the Holy Spirit in ministry and missions?

Join Monica Dennington and Denny Sheafer as they go straight to the Bible to find out how one home Bible group can can change the world, and how God can use you in the same powerful way.

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