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Does Your Financial Guru REALLY Teach Good Stewardship?

Does the definition of good stewardship promoted in your church match Jesus’ definition? Would Jesus have been considered to be a “good steward” according to your favorite Christian financial counselor?Is God really impressed by your ability to manage and invest money well, so that you can gain more “for the kingdom”? Or is He more interested in your willingness to lose what you have for His sake?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes to Scripture to show you how God defines good stewardship…and whether or not you are one!

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Jesus, Judas, And Stewardship

How does God feel about financial accountability in ministry? How concerned was Jesus about protecting His ministry’s resources? And what does the fact that Jesus knowingly put a thief in charge of the moneybag say about Jesus’ definition of “financial responsibility”?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to find out whether or not Jesus would be considered a “good steward” by YOUR favorite Christian financial advisor!

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Jesus, Judas, and Stewardship

Do you trust God with everything? Have you given everything to God? A teaching on stewardship.

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