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Love Or Lawlessness: Obeying Church Leadership

Do you obey any human authority? Do you only take orders directly from the King? What kind of follower would the King say you are? And why is it important for you to allow yourself to be “persuaded” by those Jesus has actually sent?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to find out if you’ve been serving the kingdom of love…or the kingdom of lawlessness!

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School Shootings And End-Times Prophecy: The Secret Power Of Lawlessness

Don’t miss this this important session of Prophecy and Spiritual Warfare, where Monica takes you to Scripture to uncover the secret spiritual force infecting our kids with violence. Find out how school shootings relate to Bible prophecy, how to keep your family safe from deception in these end-times, and how to find sanity in your Christianity.

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