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Antidote To Anxiety: God’s Solution To Mind Pollution

What do your thoughts have to do with anxiety? How can the things you watch, listen to, and think about affect your peace of mind? Just how toxic is the mind-pollution that you’re exposed to every day? And what antidote does the Bible give for an anxious mind?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to God’s Word to find out how you can alleviate anxiety by taking the Great Physician’s prescription for peace.

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A Song: “Nothing Without Love”

This week’s fee song download is “Nothing Without Love”! Listen, download, and share!

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A Song: “No Fear”

This week’s featured song (and free download for the next 7 days) is “No Fear”. So listen to it, download, & share it!

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A Song: “Bye, Bye”

Monica’s song “Bye, Bye” is this week’s free MP3 download. Here is the link!

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