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Jesus, Money, and Men in Women’s Bathrooms

As we approach the return of Christ, it’s important to get real with ourselves on these real issues. And it’s important to do our part to proclaim the Word of God.

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TicTocTV! The New Christian Television!

New Video! TicTocTV is BACK! The new Christian television is here – and you can be one of the FIRST people to see it. This 24/7 subscription channel is scheduled to launch within the year (2014), and will be available on your TV, computer, and devices for a very affordable $9.95 per month. What is […]

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Monica Dennington preaches before Katy Perry’s Grammy performance?

Thanks to the power of God and your support, 2013 was a record-breaking year for this ministry. More people were reached with the gospel than in any prior year – in fact, our video views for the year doubled!

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Virtual Reality Is Reality: Knowing Your Place In Cyberspace

Is there a difference between the way God wants you to behave in “real life”, and the way He wants you to behave online? Do you know your place, function, and area of authority in the Body of Christ? Does the platform of the internet give you special permission to operate outside the boundaries of that calling? And what are the potential consequences if you do?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to help you find your place in the kingdom of God.

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