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End-Times Discernment: Principle #3 – Don’t Be A Hater

According to the Bible, is love really blind? Is hatred a lucid state to live in? How can hating a person blind you to who they really are? And how does a distorted view of others cause blindness toward God?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to discover this important, simple principle of discernment: If you want to see…don’t be a hater!

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The Sunday Morning Special!: The Law Of Love

Do we, as member of God’s household, realize the significance of our role in the universe? And are we living our lives in a manner worthy of the noble purpose to which we’ve been called?

Join me as we go straight to the Bible for the key to understanding how we are to conduct ourselves as members of the house of God.

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Day 22: God’s Household: The Law Of Love

What is the noble purpose of the Church? Why is it so important that we know how to conduct ourselves in the household of God? What is the new command, given to us by Jesus, that governs God’s kingdom? And what is the appropriate response when God draws our attention to the ignoble things in our lives?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to find out the how simple genius of Jesus’ greatest command will heal every division among us, and how you can be part of His noble purpose in these end-times!

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