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Election Hangover? You need God’s Word— Everything you missed in one place

NOVEMBER NEWSLETTER . Hey friends, it’s Monica! Have an election hangover? Feel like you need some fresh air? As the dust settles, it’s a great time to go to God’s Word for some perspective. We can help! We’ve uploaded 5 new teaching videos this month— all straight from Scripture. What better way to align yourself with […]

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The Sunday Morning Special! “Miracle Caught On Tape!”

This morning we share a video from the early days of Tic Toc’s feeding ministry, a time before YouTube!

Watch as Gary and Monica document one of the weekly miracles that they experienced. Watch as God provides for a feeding that seems impossible at the beginning of the day. Hear testimony about how the simple ministry of sharing food with people results in a release of God’s power. And most importantly, find inspiration to reach out to your own neighbors with the sincere, sacrificial love of Christ today!

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Christmas Offering goal exceeded— we did it!

I have great news! Through the generosity and faithfulness of viewers like you, we exceeded the goal for the Annual Christmas Offering— topping it out at 120%.

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Springs In The Desert: Be Part Of The Prophecy

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

Matthew 24:14

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Are You Loving Tic Toc? Memorial Day Opportunity!

Want to help Tic Toc get some awesome new equipment? Click to find out how to show us some love on Memorial Day weekend, when we can get some SERIOUS bang for the buck!!!

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