“Not By Sight” – A never before released 2006 music video

A New Music Video!

(2006 previously unreleased live performance)


In honor of Web-A-Thon 2017, we’re raiding the Tic Toc vaults for never-before-seen content. Our first offering: a lost video of Monica playing her song “Not By Sight” live at the Tic Toc Loft.

Monica says about this song:

“This lighthearted song journals my experience and observations over the years in churches that preach the prosperity Gospel.

I saw so many people walking away from the altar— and sometimes the church— in shame and condemnation after being told that they were not “receiving” their healing (or financial breakthrough, etc.) because their faith wasn’t big enough.

This song expresses God’s simple, sweet way of teaching me through Scripture who He really is, what really matters to Him, and that any faith in Him is enough. And it’s a message to all those who have not yet “received” their miracle, that “God would never pass you by.”


“Not By Sight”

Words by Monica Dennington
Music by Monica Dennington and Gary Dennington
Copyright 2006

{verse 1}
They say, they say,
If you just believe

You can, you can
Get God to do

So did you think
You were not good enough?

Did you think
You were not strong enough?

Did you think your
Faith was not
Big enough?

But baby, God would
Never pass you by–

We live by our
Faith not by our

Not by sight.

{verse 2}
Abram, Abram,
I’m your great reward

He said, there’s something
Else I want

Oh, how will he ever be

How will he possess a
Promised Land?

Well, maybe his faith’s just not
Big enough…

But, Abram, God will
Never pass you by

He will purify you
in the fire

–until you not
Only call
Him your Lord

Until you say, God is my
Great reward

And when your hope no longer
Lies in this life,
You’ll say

It does not mean
God has passed me by

If I don’t receive the promise
In this life

So if you think
your faith’s not
big enough

As small as a
mustard seed, oh it’s
big enough

Cause Jesus takes the
little things,
And He makes them
Grow up–
Just cry

Jesus, I know
you’ve not
Passed me by

So I will live by my faith
Not by my sight

For I believe You have been
Good to me

And I believe You even
Died for me

And I believe You
when you tell me You’re
in love with

I do
Trust in You….

{the end}



“As long as it is day, we must do the works of him who sent me. Night is coming, when no one can work.”

John 9:4



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