Women In The Church: The Contradiction

Session 1

(Length 25:25)

Welcome to Toc Toc’s 2-week web event, “House Of God”. “House of God”is an in-depth, online seminar, that will focus on tough questions concerning the roles of women in the church, as well as God’s authority structure for the entire Body of Christ.

In this first episode, we will examine two sets of scripture. One set says that women must not teach, speak, or have authority over men. The other set of scriptures show examples of God appointing women as prophetesses, teachers, ministers/pastors, and preachers, including positions in which they had authority over men.

Join me as we go straight to the Bible for the Lord’s command concerning this apparent “contradiction” in God’s Word.

Be blessed!

Monica Dennington

3 Responses to “Women In The Church: The Contradiction”

  1. Wow!
    I am hardly able to wait to hear the answer!
    Thank you for taking the time to make the videos!

    I have had the hardest time when I read the bible.
    I feel like I just don’t belong and I always feel out of place trying to serve the Lord. I feel a lot of guilt.

    I have a strong desire to help stop abortion, and help unwed mothers….
    But, my health issues, putting my Husband first, studying the bible, teaching the bible to my daughter, cooking, cleaning and home schooling and more…..
    …that keeps me plenty busy!

    Maybe when I am older and have less responsibilities,
    I can spend some time working with a crisis pregnancy center?

    I know I can teach my daughter the bible becasue Timothy’s mother and grandmother taught him.

    At least that’s what I am holding on to at this point….lol

    But when I try to reach out to husband, family or friends, God’s word convicts them so badly they run away from me, or get mad and belittle me. I have learned that being “silent” can be a good thing….as the bible says there is a time to be silent and a time to speak…..But I can pray anytime i want! So that’s what I do……instead of saying anything positive….and cause a fuss…

    I am glad you are able to help people, I just make them madder than a hornet.. and smiling does not work….
    But your smile is so nice, I can see you are truly blessed.

    -A Home School Mom in Houston


  2. im interested in the answer please send it to me


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