Al Mohler Confirms Prophecy From 2011

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Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, made news last week with this dramatic announcement:

“…judgment has now come to the house of the Southern Baptist Convention. The terrible swift sword of public humiliation has come with a vengeance.”

In his article, “The Wrath of God Poured Out — The Humiliation of the Southern Baptist Convention,” Mohler writes,

“The last few weeks have been excruciating for the Southern Baptist Convention and for the larger evangelical movement. It is as if bombs are dropping and God alone knows how many will fall and where they will land.

America’s largest evangelical denomination has been in the headlines day after day. The SBC is in the midst of its own horrifying #MeToo moment.”

He goes on to say:

“Sexual misconduct is as old as sin, but the avalanche of sexual misconduct that has come to light in recent weeks is almost too much to bear. These grievous revelations of sin have occurred in churches, in denominational ministries, and even in our seminaries.

We thought this was a Roman Catholic problem. The unbiblical requirement of priestly celibacy and the organized conspiracy of silence within the hierarchy helped to explain the cesspool of child sex abuse that has robbed the Roman Catholic Church of so much of its moral authority. When people said that Evangelicals had a similar crisis coming, it didn’t seem plausible — even to me. I have been president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for twenty-five years. I did not see this coming.

I was wrong. The judgment of God has come.

And finally,

This is just a foretaste of the wrath of God poured out. This moment requires the very best of us. The Southern Baptist Convention is on trial and our public credibility is at stake. May God have mercy on us all.

Dr. Mohler’s words specifically confirm a set of prophecies I gave on October 5, 2011.

Mohler clearly states “I did not see this coming”. However, his testimony documents the beginning of the fulfillment of this prophecy in his denomination.

They also point to this fact: God has sent messengers to announce to His house what He is going to do. The time has come to listen.

“If an alarm sounds in a city, do people not fear?

If disaster overtakes a city, is the Lord not responsible?

Certainly the sovereign Lord does nothing

without first revealing his plan to

his servants the prophets.”

Amos 3:6-7 (NET)


“I Know Your Sin”: A Prophecy for Christian Leaders

Monica Dennington, October 5, 2011

Full prophecy: “I Will Uproot You: A Prophecy For Denominations And Leaders


The prophecies tell us what we can expect the end to be, and it’s not going to be pretty for those of you who have decided to stand on the side of division.

The Lord knows you. He knows that your purpose in creating divisions was to create a kingdom for yourself. He knows that the sin of Satan is living in your heart.
When you want to step up on His throne, when you want to ascend the mount of assembly, and you want to take the honor and the glory that belong to God, He sees you. He says,

“I know you, I know who you are. You cannot hide in the darkness any longer.”

You may be able to deceive people, but you cannot deceive the Lord, and He says,

“You should not rejoice whenever I throw up the skirts of this denomination or that denomination, because you are next on my list.

“I am going to shout from the rooftops everything you’ve said in secret, when you have said to yourself, ‘Oh, God doesn’t see that I’m burning incense to this god over here, to these detestable and wicked things. Oh, God doesn’t see that I have lied, that I have taken advantage of the widow and the orphan, that I have committed adultery with my congregation members, that I have disregarded the Word of the LORD. He doesn’t see, He’s not going to do anything.’

“I will show you that I am the Lord: When I speak, I act. And whenever my anger flairs up, it flairs up in an instant. You do not understand for how long I have been showing you mercy— but because I have shown you mercy you have said to yourselves in your wicked hearts, ‘God will never do anything.’

“I know you. I know your sin.

“I know it is your desire to take the one that I have determined is going to be holy, the one who belongs to my Son— my city, my home— you want to take my kingdom and you want to parcel it out for yourself, and I will not allow you to do it forever.
“I have been very patient, I have been very kind, and now it’s time for judgement.”
If you have any inclination in your heart to repent, I tell you today, I tell you the truth, that now is the time to do it, because your time is shorter than you think it is.


For Protestant Christians: A Prophetic Word From The Lord

Monica Dennington, October 5, 2011

Full Prophecy: “Demolishing Denominations: A Prophetic Word From The Lord


For those of you who are part of all of the Protestant churches, all the different denominations who have exalted themselves, this is what the Lord says: That you must leave your denominations today.

Don’t look at the Catholic church and say, “Oh look, they were caught in their sin! Oh look, God lifted up their skirts and showed their shame to everybody when He showed the horrible way that they sexually abused their children, when He showed the spiritual abuses and how they have abused the spiritual authority that they claim they have been given.” Don’t say, “Look how God has shamed them.”

God is speaking to you in your congregation today. If you are part of a denomination, you are part of a faction and division. You are part of a group of people who have raised themselves up and said, “Because we have our doctrines right, we can separate the Body of Christ.”

This is the Word of the Lord to you today.

“If you destroy my Body, I will destroy you.

“And any agent that comes to divide my Body, my family, my kingdom, is a plant from the enemy, and I recognize you.

“If you are not going to bow to my Word today— if you are never going to come out— do you understand that I must draw a line in the sand and say, ‘No more.’

“I recognize that you do not want to be part of my kingdom. If you will not accept my dearly beloved sons and daughters, if you will not accept my blood and my Body as it comes to you to nourish you, as the members of the Body who are different from you come to perform their function and to join together with you and to act in unity with you.

“As they come, if you reject them and say, ‘I don’t recognize you as part of the kingdom,’ then you are not part of my kingdom. If you do not love those that I love, you are not a part of my kingdom.

“I am telling you this today because my judgement is at hand. It is at hand, it is at hand— if you do not believe me you are going to be caught. Remember Lot! I sent my servants to Lot and his family, and he went to his family and they thought he was joking. They did not believe him. Do not think that my servant is joking when I send her to you today. She is not joking. She is not exaggerating the urgency of the hour— every second counts.

“You don’t have time to stand around and even convince the people around you, even your own family members who don’t believe the message that they’ve got to come out. You can’t wait for them. You can’t try to stay there and coax them out. You have to run now. Because now is the time of judgement. Now.”

I know you are saying, “Oh, but my denomination does such good work, look at all the missions work that we do! Oh, but my denomination has accomplished so much in human history, just look at what we’ve been able to accomplish!” But the Lord is not impressed with your accomplishments. The Lord says it is obedience that He is looking for, not sacrifice. He is not impressed with your works that you do when you do all of them under an umbrella of disobedience.

When you think that you can be separated from those that God loves because your doctrines are more right, then you have taken pride in your knowledge and your knowledge has puffed you up, and you don’t know anything.

“You think you know something? You do not yet know as you ought to know. I am not impressed with your knowledge. Everything that you know that is true, you only know because I taught it to you.

I am not impressed because you have your doctrines right. I am not impressed by your traditions— your traditions have led you to idolatry time after time after time. You exalt your men over me, and you love them and you love your traditions instead of me, and you sacrifice on their altars, and you continue in sin to this day.

“I am not impressed with your denomination and I require it of you now. On my altar, right here, now. My fire is coming to consume it.

“You want to be part of my Body? You cannot be a dead bone all the way over there by yourself. You want to be a dead bone by yourself? You want to say that you’re not going to come together with the rest of the Body? Then that is what you will be, and your words testify against you.

“You say, ‘We have to stay separate as Baptists. We have to stay separate as Assemblies of God. We have to stay separate as Presbyterians,” or whatever other denomination you are. If you say that, your words will testify against you because you will not be part of my Body.

“Again: you do not accept my blood, you do not accept my flesh, you do not accept me, and you will not be part of my kingdom. My kingdom is not a divided kingdom. And anytime you accept those coming to you preaching division, you accept the sons of Satan in your camp. And if you continue to follow them, their fate will become yours.”

The unity that is prophesied is not going to come about by your sectioning yourself off from other Christians. It is going to come about by your leaving your denomination.

It’s not going to come by convincing those around you that they need to repent— or by convincing some other group that they need to repent.

It’s going to come about because He is going to call you to repent, and He is going to call you to leave your traditions and your denominations, and that is what he’s doing right now.

This, my friends, is not a request today. God is coming to you with a command: you must come out of Babylon if you want to be saved. His judgement is looming over her now.

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