The Sunday Morning Special! “Warning! A Flood Of False ‘Two Witnesses'”

Does Jesus want you to look for the two witnesses of revelation? Will God reject you if you fail to identify the two witnesses before they start their 1260 days of prophesying? And if there are only two-witnesses in the bible…why are there so many more on the internet?

Join Monica Dennington as she takes you straight to Jesus’ end-times prophecy in Matthew 24 to find out, once and for all, how you are to respond to people who proclaim themselves to be the two witnesses.

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Silencing Women: The LGBT Line

Recently, I received a comment from a young woman named Melissa on an article entitled “LGBT Misogyny: The Battle of The Bathrooms”.

Melissa, thanks for reading, and thanks for your comment.Transformation

In that blog, I discuss the recent push for “non-discrimination” laws and policies that make it legal for men who identify as female to use women’s restrooms. I maintain that such laws endanger women, and violate their rights and privacy.

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The Sunday Morning Special! “The Identity Of The Two Witnesses of Revelation”

Who are the “two witnesses” in the books of Revelation and Zechariah, and what is their purpose in these end-times? How important is it that you have the ability to identify these historic figures when they step onto the world stage? According to the ancient prophecies, what do you have in common with the two witnesses? And what information in the Bible will keep you from being deceived by false prophets coming in their name?

Join Monica Dennnington as she goes straight to the Bible to find out how to identify the servants of the Lord in these end-times!

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May Newsletter— Everything You Missed in One Place

It’s been a big month at Tic Toc…do you think you missed something? No sweat, here’s everything you missed in one place— first the news, then the teaching!

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Mother’s Day Message “Daughters Of The Free Woman: A New Mother’s Day!”

In churches all over the country this morning, pastors will patted mothers on the head, give them a carnation, then quickly moved them away from the pulpit because “women can’t speak.”

If you want more than a milk-toast Mother’s Day message, join Monica Dennington in this powerful Mother’s Day prayer.

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TicTocTV Achieves Lift-Off! – Come Watch Now

The wait is over. TicTocTV has achieved lift-off!

Broadcasting 24/7 continuous Christian programming until Jesus returns, from the desert of Phoenix, AZ— 100% pulpit-free!

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The John MacArthur Exception

John MacArthur, among other things, is known for his stand against so-called “prosperity preachers”, their exploitation of the Church for money, and their evil excess.

Reality check: For 2010 and 2011, MacArthur fell well within the top .02% of the world’s wealthiest people by income.

So what makes Mr. MacArthur different from the rich prosperity preachers he criticizes?

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