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We are almost there friends! Here is an update!

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The Sunday Morning Special! “Don’t Shoot The Messenger”

In these end times, as God is dispatching His message to the seven churches, how can we be sure to recognize His messengers? With all of the voices claiming to be from God today, how can the leadership of the church avoid inadvertently rejecting true prophets?

Join me as we go straight to the Bible for the prophetic Word of Jesus to the pastors, envoys, and messengers of the Gospel in these last days.

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The Sunday Morning Special! “Blind Guides”

How can we tell if our spiritual leaders are spiritually blind? What are the distinguishing marks of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”? And what will the consequences be if we follow these false teachers?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes to the Bible for God’s Word on how to identify blind guides.

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Coming Out Of Babylon!

What is Babylon? Is it America? Or maybe the Catholic Church? What does it mean to “come out of Babylon”? And when we come out of Babylon, what attitude should we take towards those who are still in her?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible for the answers to these questions, as well as when you can know you’re hearing the prophetic call from heaven saying, “Come out of her my people.”

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The Sunday Morning Special!: “Do You Have The Blood Of The Bride On Your Hands?”

How has God prescribed that we use our sword, the Holy Word of God? How can we tell, and what are the consequences, if we are using human words to divide the body of Christ instead of God’s Word?

Join me as we go to the Bible to discover how we can avoid being found with the blood of the Bride on our hands.

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The Sunday Morning Special!: “Gentlemen: Choose Your Weapons!”

As Christian soldiers, what weapons are we instructed to use? And what is the consequence if we choose the wrong weapon?

Join Monica Dennington as she turns to the Word of God to discover the secret to demolishing the strongholds of Satan, and to taking the gates of Hell!

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The Sunday Morning Special!: “Is Your Cross Too Pretty?”

What does it mean to ” take up your cross and follow me” ? This week Monica teaches on what the Bible and Jesus tell us about the journey of the cross. What are the consequences of this journey? What does it feel like? How do we know if we have “taken up our cross” and are following Him?

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The Sunday Morning Special!: “How To Grow Up: Moving From Milk To Meat”

Join Monica Dennington as she teaches about what the Bible and Jesus tell us about the journey to spiritual maturity. How are we to begin this journey? What is our goal? How do we get there?

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The Woman Pass

When Jesus commands us to confess his name before men, is he speaking to everyone? Is there a “woman pass” that somehow excuses females from this mandate? Does Biblical womanhood really mean that a woman is never to speak God’s Word to adult men? Or has it become an excuse for women to to sidestep their Christian responsibility and duty to the King?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to find out if you have been submitting to men instead of God— and if God really gives a “woman pass” for such disobedience.

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