The Great Awakening: Can These Bones Live?

Welcome to Tic Toc Ministries online seminar, The Great Awakening: The Return Of The Acts Church. In session one we take a look at the legendary “early church” – it’s unique and amazing characteristics, and the vast difference we find between the church described in the Book of Acts and the church we see on the earth today. We will also honestly face the daunting question, “Is it possible for the Acts church to exist on earth again?”

Join Monica as she goes straight to the Bible to find out how God wants us to answer the question, “Can those bones live?”

One Response to “The Great Awakening: Can These Bones Live?”

  1. It it interesting that you posted this question, as I have felt that God does want the church to return to the condition of the church in the Book of Acts – faithful, powerful, relevant, and making an impact in the earth; I believe that He is preparing to pour out His heart one last time as a final appeal to choose Him before the coming judgment. Additionally, the pastor of the church I recently started attending preached on this very same subject in a bible study class last week, referencing the same scriptures in Ezekiel! I don’t believe this is coincidence, but rather divine confirmation of God’s desire and intent for His people.


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