I Will Uproot You: A Prophecy For Denominations And Leaders

Welcome to Time For Truth, a series of prophetic messages for The Church. Join Monica Dennington for this special edition of Time For Truth, as she brings an urgent prophetic word from the Lord to God’s people in today’s message: “I Will Uproot You: A Prophecy For Denominations And Leaders”.


What is the prophetic significance of Jesus’ statement to the Pharisees, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.”? Was he speaking of His physical Body alone? Is there prophetic significance to this statement that applies to the Church? What do the ancient prophecies reveal about the state of The Church In these end-times? And what is God’s shocking end-times plan to turn the tables and bring victory for His Bride?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes straight to the Bible to unfold Satan’s strategy, God’s secret plan, and most importantly: God’s prophetic warning of imminent judgment, and His urgent command to come out of your denominations now.

One Response to “I Will Uproot You: A Prophecy For Denominations And Leaders”

  1. Ohmygosh! I love this message. I was raised in the Catholic church, walked away from it at 16, got saved at 33, entered two denominations and after about 30 years am now in a non-denominational church. My wife and I are following God’s plan as you describe, and weep for those who are in denominational traps of thinking. It is time to come out of the mess divisions have created against God’s wonderful plan for mankind. Thank you for being true to what God has to say to our present generation.


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