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Gary SIDE-SERMONS Monica! John MacArthur’s Missing Courage

Gary SIDE-SERMONS Monica by pulling up a tweet from the Swinging Shepherd’s Conference (#shepcon2018 ) quoting John MacArthur: “What I see missing is courage. Be a man! Act like Men!” Monica takes you to Scripture to find out: WHY manhood is an acting job for religious men who deny natural affection for women WHY they […]

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If You’re Struggling With Suicide: God’s Message For You

Are you struggling with depression? Have you lost your will to live? Have you been personally affected by the suicide of a loved one? Do you wonder if God even cares?

Join Monica Dennington as she goes to God’s Word to bring you a message of hope – straight from God’s heart to you – and as she takes you before God in prayer to do spiritual warfare on your behalf.

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TicTocTV Achieves Lift-Off! – Come Watch Now

The wait is over. TicTocTV has achieved lift-off!

Broadcasting 24/7 continuous Christian programming until Jesus returns, from the desert of Phoenix, AZ— 100% pulpit-free!

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We Did It! TicTocTV Will Be Free!

We did it! There will be no monthly subscription fee for TicTocTV!

Pulpit Free AND Subscription Free — TicTicTV coming soon!

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Almost There! Don’t Stop Now!

We are almost there friends! Here is an update!

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