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Mark Taylor Admits Trump Prophecy Was for 2012, Not Fulfilled (Jim Bakker Show)

This is a clip of retired firefighter Mark Taylor on the Jim Bakker Show admitting that his “Trump” prophecy— meant to come true in 2012— did not come to pass.

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The Trump Prophecies: Are They From God?

Was the spectacular rise of Donald Trump in this year’s election foretold (as reported by TruNews w/Rick Wiles) by retired firefighter Mark Taylor? Is Donald Trump God’s “trumpet” that we all must listen to, as prophesied by Jeremiah Johnson in Charisma magazine? Did even Nostradamus predict the appearance of the real estate mogul on the political stage, nearly half a century ago?

Join Monica Dennington as she takes you straight to the Bible to test whether the Trump prophecies came from the mouth of God…or the imaginations of men.

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